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Protect your business, look after your Engineering Data.

How do you manage, control & share your business critical CAD design files?

Using a Product Data Management (PDM) system will protect you business critical CAD files & Engineering Data!

Keeping your CAD design data organised and up-to-date is never easy. What do you do if you have lost or even misplaced engineering data? Have you had to re-work products manufactured from outdated engineering drawings? How much time and resources have you wasted searching for the relevant regulatory compliance files?

The cost to your business can be significant.

Product Data Management (PDM) will protect your business against all these eventualities and more by using centralised file storage and electronic workflow. Product revisions are tracked effectively. You can control access to sensitive information with secure file vaulting and if you work in a regulated industry PDM can increase operational efficiency and will generate compliance documents precisely when they are needed.

PDM solutions, such as SolidWorks Enterprise PDM, can organise your CAD design data, reduce your risk, improve your productivity and in doing so protect your business.

How do you protect your business critical engineering data?