Engineering is a process that requires dealing with constantly changing data and documents – but locating the right data is only half of the battle. To improve this process, BlueCielo Meridian created deep integration with CAD applications helping to extract management and control information from the engineering design. By doing this, the engineer does not have to worry about the “paperwork” for managing the design information. With a solution filling in all the administrative paperwork, a lot of time is saved, human errors are avoided and data integrity is ensured.

Over the last decades, the CAD process have greatly evolved. The engineering information needed to make a complete design representing the finished product in all its details has become more abundant and complex. CAD applications have grown in number of features and amount of information, leading to complex relationships between files and engineering discipline-specific sets of drawings with relationships to one another. Examples of such CAD applications are Autodesk Revit and Civil 3D and their inherit data and file structures, but also in database-driven 2D CAD applications like AutoCAD P&ID. To manage all the information in design projects, we even see new job profiles, such as a BIM Manager.

The rise in engineering information complexity has increased the need for Engineering Information Management (EIM) solutions when more modern CAD applications are used. Our solutions have evolved with these CAD applications to keep control over the design process and information accuracy. Over time we have introduced many new features to support new processes and to keep this complex engineering information manageable