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Introducing Autodesk LIVE Design

Fast click-to-cloud tools help bring your Revit models to life in minutes.

Finally a Revit add-on that not only harnesses cloud technology but allows the user to create stunning interactive visualizations of their design! Live Design is the latest offering from Autodesk & we're loving it! Watch this short video & see how our experienced BIM & CAD consultant, Harry Walton, seamlessly brings his model to life in a matter of minutes & walks you through some choice features.

(Video accessible via the right side panel).

What is Autodesk Live Design?

A new storytelling engine that allows you to transform your Revit models into interactive visualizations that you can present, or share with others. 


  • Fast data prep, automated in the cloud
  • Easier real-time project creation and editing
  • Easier project viewing on mulitple platforms