Increase Productivity and Profitability in Process Manufacturing

If you are already struggling with data or document-related workflows, data access, reporting and compliance now, how will you handle the increasing amount of data in the 2020s?

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The Obstacles

A fundamental change in the way organizations handle data is long overdue. Today, users in engineering, operations, and project management face difficulties accessing data or ensuring the data they have is the latest version. Organizations cannot prevent users from simultaneously editing multiple copies of a document. Many organizations face compliance issues due to their limitations in effective data management. These are just some of the obstacles that can impact an organization’s optimal performance and hurt the bottom line, because manual labor (which can be expensive) must make up for deficiencies in automation.

The Transformation

The reality is that many organizations suffer from systems that are too disconnected from each other and not yet optimally engaged to deliver on what is needed. Industry 4.0 will lay the groundwork for transformation of the process manufacturing industry. Much of that transformation will involve data availability and data management with the need for these capabilities continuing to rise in the 2020s. Now is the time to address the effectiveness of your underlying data platform before it becomes overwhelming.

As you look to the future, you must answer three key questions:
  • What will the next decade mean for your data?
  • How can you best prepare for these changes?
  • What is the best way to solve data management problems cost-effectively?
The Solution

Moving your data management to a secure cloud service for asset lifecycle information management (ALIM), ensures that your users are informed, aligned, compliant and in control throughout the asset lifecycle. A solution that avoids the headaches of upgrades, improves security, increases the availability of critical data, and reduces risk is favored by CTOs, IT managers, engineers, project managers, and operations managers.

With the benefits of efficiency and cost-savings that a cloud-based ALIM platform offers, many organizational leaders want a solution in the cloud. Accruent’s Meridian Cloud is a cost-efficient solution, offered through a subscription-based model, which reduces startup costs, simplifies procurement and operational budgeting, and enables costs to stay in line with changing requirements and actual software usage.

To learn how to prepare your organization’s data management systems for what’s coming in the next decade, download the white paper – Getting Ready for the 2020s: Trends to Watch in Process Manufacturing Data. You’ll discover how organizations have benefitted from making the leap to an effective data management platform.

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