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Good Things Come in Threes

Good Things Come in Threes: SOLIDWORKS Standard, Professional and Premium

SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD solutions described in a way we can all relate to - with food! Surely all great analogies involve food?! Read the blog below for a simplified approach to the leading 3D CAD products.

Many good things come in threes–like fast food: would you like small, medium or large?


Other times, we choose between three different flavors, colors, or levels of amenity. That “good, better, best” concept applies to SOLIDWORKS CAD, which is offered in Standard, Professional, and Premium configurations. But this can be confusing. What’s in each package? Which one do I have? Are there tools I could be using to do my job better?

An easy way to think of it is SOLIDWORKS Standard is built on core capabilities for the casual user. SOLIDWORKS Professional builds upon that with productivity boosters for the everyday user, while SOLIDWORKS Premium adds specialty tools for the power user.

CLICK HERE & Watch this short video showing the highlights of each package. Chances are you’ll learn something you didn’t know was in the software and perhaps find one or more new tools to help you do your job better.

This post was originally published By Brad Williamson on the SOLIDWORKS Blog and is being reposted here with permission from Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corporation.