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Get your head in the Cloud with BIM 360™ Team

Short video introducing the leading cloud technology.

BIM 360 team is the entry point into the era of connection - connecting teams, outcomes, insight & delivery. BIM plus the power of the cloud will help enable a new means of designing, building, and operating building and infrastructure systems. 
Watch the short video (accessible via right side panel) & let us introduce you to the leading cloud technology that will launch you into the digital age enabling better BIM team collaboration via a focal data point.
fy18-aec-connected-bim-overview-en (1).png (1)

By giving project access to all team members who need it, design teams are able to gain consensus faster, make decisions together and build stakeholder engagement using BIM 360 Team.

BIM 360 Team at a glance - What are the key benefits and business values?

BIM 360 Team transforms the way architects and engineers engage stakeholders and deliver projects by enabling them to:

• Collaborate anywhere with the entire project team

• Make decisions faster and more efficiently

• Share and review models instantly, from any device

• Find the most up-to-date versions of documents and files easily

• Track version history over the life of their project


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