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Forget 3D glasses! Discover 3DHD Autostereoscopic Displays!

3DHD autostereoscopic displays let you enjoy pop-out fx with naked eyes.

Dark theaters, immense screens, and special glasses are no longer necessary for the 3D experience. Founded in 1994, Alioscopy has created large-format displays that use multiple cameras and an array of lenticular lenses capable of providing viewers with full pop-out and depth effects.

Recent years have seen a renewed interest in stereoscopic 3D imaging, or the technique of designing and displaying a different image for the right and left eyes. Alioscopy technology is based on 8 distinct points of view (POV). Each POV is aligned to the LCD’s subpixels. Depending on where users are standing, they will see 2 of the 8 POVs.

The total viewing angle is 100 degrees from the center of the display. This enables multiple viewers to enjoy the pop-out and depth effects generated with this 3D technology. The ability to spontaneously view immersive imagery in full 3D brings new possibilities to a multitude of industries, including architecture, education, medicine, automotive, and more.

The image below has been mixed using Alioscopy’s proprietary software. The image looks fuzzy on a 2D display but provides a clear image on the 3D display. The 8 POVs are separated by the average distance between the left and right eyes, magnifying a slightly different point of view for each. The result is a state-of-the-art autostereoscopic 3D effect.

Currently on display in Autodesk Gallery!

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