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Welcome to your official introduction to RedEye, a cloud-based solution for engineering data management. In this video, we will guide you through the powerful features and intuitive interface of RedEye, a cloud-based platform designed to revolutionise how you handle engineering drawings and documents. Whether you’re an engineer, drafter, or technician, RedEye makes it easy to create, control, and collaborate on essential data from any device, ensuring the security and compliance of your intellectual property.

Key Features of RedEye:

  • Single Source of Truth in the Cloud: Store all your engineering drawings, documents, and media in one secure, cloud-based hub. Access critical information anytime, anywhere on desktop, iOS, and Android devices, with offline mode support for uninterrupted work in areas without internet.
  • Unlimited Users: Collaborate seamlessly with unlimited user licensing. Whether you’re working on-site or remotely, RedEye facilitates real-time collaboration, ensuring everyone can access the latest information.
  • Version Control: Maintain comprehensive version control with an audit trail feature. Track changes, monitor drawing status, and ensure compliance with your document control standards.
  • Automated Workflows: Streamline your workflows with customisable, automated processes and notifications. Enhance accuracy and efficiency throughout the document lifecycle.
  • Security and Compliance: Configure custom workflows to meet industry standards. Safeguard your intellectual property in a secure environment, preventing unauthorised access.
  • GIS Integration: Integrate GIS information into your documents for complete data management and enhanced operational efficiency.

“We needed a solution that would meet our unique operating conditions, including our limited access to telecommunications infrastructure, our extensive library of legacy drawings and collaboration across our multiple remote sites.”

Brendan Gowdie – Engineering Manager, Ok Tedi

Why RedEye Stands Out

RedEye offers unparalleled flexibility and scalability, making it the ideal solution for both small teams and large enterprises. The platform’s user-friendly interface means minimal training time and quick adoption across your organisation. Additionally, RedEye represents your chance to easily transition to the cloud and take that important step towards digitalisation.

Enhanced Collaboration

One of the standout features of RedEye is its ability to foster collaboration across various teams and departments. With unlimited user licensing, every member of your team can contribute to projects without the worry of additional costs. Real-time collaboration tools, such as shared markups and live editing, ensure that all stakeholders are on the same page, reducing miscommunication and errors.

Real-World Application

RedEye has proven its effectiveness in diverse environments. For instance, organisations with multiple remote sites benefit significantly from its robust offline capabilities and secure access controls. By centralising all data and making it accessible from anywhere, RedEye supports efficient project management and consistent operational standards.

Industries That Benefit from RedEye

RedEye is a versatile solution designed to meet the unique needs of various industries. Its powerful features and cloud-based infrastructure make it an ideal choice for sectors where managing engineering drawings and documents efficiently and securely is critical. Here are some of the key industries that benefit from RedEye:

1. Energy and Utilities

Energy companies, including those in oil and gas, electricity, and renewable energy, rely heavily on accurate and up-to-date engineering drawings for maintenance, operations, and compliance. RedEye’s centralised repository and version control ensure that all stakeholders have access to the latest documents, enhancing safety and operational efficiency. The platform’s offline capabilities are particularly beneficial for field operations in remote locations with limited internet access.

2. Mining and Resources

Mining operations are complex and involve multiple remote sites, extensive equipment, and detailed engineering plans. RedEye helps streamline document management, ensuring that all teams can access critical information when needed. The platform supports collaboration across different departments and locations, improving project coordination and reducing downtime.

3. Construction and Engineering

Construction projects involve numerous stakeholders, from architects and engineers to contractors and subcontractors. RedEye facilitates real-time collaboration and provides a single source of truth for all project documents, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. Automated workflows and version control features help manage project changes efficiently, keeping projects on track and within budget.

4. Manufacturing

Manufacturing industries depend on precise engineering documents for the design, production, and maintenance of their products. RedEye’s cloud-based platform ensures that all drawings and documents are easily accessible, up-to-date, and secure. This improves product quality, reduces production errors, and enhances overall operational efficiency.

5. Infrastructure and Transportation

Infrastructure projects, such as roads, bridges, and public transportation systems, require meticulous planning and execution. RedEye’s integration with GIS data enhances project planning and management by providing comprehensive data management capabilities. The platform’s security features also ensure that sensitive information is protected, supporting compliance with industry regulations.

6. Telecommunications

Telecommunications companies manage extensive networks and infrastructure, necessitating accurate documentation for maintenance and expansion. RedEye’s cloud-based solution allows for seamless access to documents and drawings, facilitating efficient maintenance and reducing service interruptions. The platform’s offline mode is particularly useful for field technicians working in areas with poor connectivity.

Why RedEye is Essential Across Industries

RedEye’s ability to centralise, secure, and streamline document management processes makes it a valuable tool across various sectors – not just the ones listed above! By providing instant access to critical information, supporting unlimited users, and ensuring rigorous version control and compliance, RedEye helps organisations enhance collaboration, improve efficiency, and safeguard their intellectual property.

About Pentagon

As a leading provider of RedEye, Pentagon Solutions specialises in integrating all your solutions to drive efficiencies at every stage of the asset lifecycle. Our expertise ensures seamless implementation and support, helping you maximise the benefits of Accruent’s RedEye EDMS.


What is RedEye?

RedEye Accruent Logo

RedEye is a cloud-based Engineering Data Management System (EDMS) that allows users to create, control, and collaborate on engineering drawings and documents from any device. It is designed to ensure the security and compliance of your intellectual property.

Who can benefit from using RedEye?

RedEye is ideal for engineers, drafters, technicians, and professionals in various industries, including energy, mining, construction, manufacturing, infrastructure, and telecommunications. It supports efficient project management and collaboration across different teams and locations.

Can RedEye be used offline?

Yes, RedEye supports offline mode, allowing users to access and work on documents even in areas without internet connectivity. Changes made offline are synced once the device is back online.

What is GIS integration, and how does it benefit users?

GIS integration allows users to incorporate geographical information into their documents, providing a complete data management solution. This integration enhances operational efficiency by enabling better planning and management of projects with spatial data.

Why should my organisation choose RedEye?

RedEye offers unparalleled flexibility and scalability, making it suitable for small and large teams. Its user-friendly interface ensures quick adoption, and the platform’s robust features support enhanced collaboration, efficiency, and security of your engineering data. The Unlimited Users feature enables real-time collaboration with no additional licensing costs.

Who provides support for RedEye?

Pentagon Solutions is a leading provider of RedEye, offering seamless implementation and support to help you maximise the benefits of RedEye’s innovative features. Contact us for assistance with any questions or support needs.

How is RedEye priced?

RedEye is priced based on the number of documents managed within the system. This pricing model allows for flexibility and scalability, ensuring you only pay for what you need.

Is there a free trial or demo available?

Yes, you can book a demo with Pentagon Solutions to explore RedEye’s features and see how it can benefit your organisation. This is a great way to understand how the pricing aligns with the value RedEye provides.

How does document-based pricing compare to user-based pricing models?

Document-based pricing is often more cost-effective for organisations as it avoids the added expense of per-user fees. This model focuses on the actual usage of the platform (i.e., the number of documents/artefacts managed) rather than the number of users accessing the system.

What is an artefact in RedEye?

An artefact in RedEye refers to any item of engineering data managed within the system. This can include documents, drawings, images, models, or any other type of file that is used in engineering projects.

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