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Customer Success Story: SOLIDWORKS and the Dublin Institute of Technology

Bill Reddington, Lecturer at the Dublin Institute of Technology, discusses SolidWorks, DIT Formula Racing, and Pentagon Solutions.

SolidWorks 3D CAD solutions is the design software of choice by the Dublin Institute of Technology. SolidWorks software plays a major role in helping the DIT's Formula Student Team design, build and test a single-seat racing car to compete in the annual  Formula Student competition - Europe’s biggest student Motorsport event! 

DIT being avid SolidWorks users and long standing customers of Pentagon, we took the opportunity to ask the manufacturing & design lecturer, Bill Reddington, how SOLIDWORKS helps his students.

How does 3D design software like SOLIDWORKS help you and your students in their design process? 

SolidWorks is an invaluable resource to our students especially those working on final year projects. SolidWorks allows the student to visualize their designs and carry out detailed engineering analysis such as FEA and CFD. In addition, student can link their models to our CAM and rapid prototyping machines. This allows them to build complete working assemblies turning their designs into reality. 

Do they find SOLIDWORKS has a steep learning curve?­­­ 

No. SolidWorks is very easy to learn and can be used at different stages throughout the curriculum. 

What are your favourite/most effective features? 

The ability to design within the context of assemblies is an invaluable tool during the design process. In particular, the use of the “Copy entities” command allow complex profiles from components within the assemblies to be quickly transferred to sketches and turned into working components.   

Would you recommend Pentagon?

Yes. We have had a very good relationship with Pentagon who keep us with up to date with software developments, solve any technical issues we may have and provide high quality customized training on various aspect of the software.

What did Pentagon contribute in terms of training, support, and implementation services? 

As mentioned above, Pentagon keep us up to date with software developments and new releases. Pentagon are quick to solve any technical issues we may have in relation to the software. The company have also run specific courses here at the college on FEA and CFD analysis. Pentagon are currently helping with the implementation of a dedicated Product Data management system as part of the formula student team. 

You’ve recently implemented SOLIDWORKS PDM – how has this helped? 

As mentioned above, we are currently in the process of implementing PDM  as part of the DIT formula student project. As part of the project a group of 15 final year engineering students are designing and building a single seat electric race car that will complete at Silverstone in July 2019. The team currently use SolidWorks to design, build, test and machine all the components of the vehicle. The PDM system will allow all team members keep track of documentation and drawings as they are created and modified throughout the design process. This will greatly enhance the efficiency of the team’s design process.