Civil 3D, InfraWorks, & Recap Pro 2025 – Pentagon’s highlighted features! 

Here’s what we love about this year’s updates to Civil 3D, InfraWorks, and Recap Pro!

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Our engineers have been playing about with the new versions and highlighted their favourite updates, explaining how they will bring improvements. 

First up, Civil 3D!

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(1) Coordinate system modernization 

The UI has been enhanced to help civil engineers set up coordinate systems quickly and efficiently, making it more intuitive and easier to use. Civil 3D 2025 will also allow you to set NAVD 88 vertical datum (not just horizontal data) and import customer-requested coordinate systems. More coordinate systems have also been added to the database, with these changes helping improve productivity, ease of use, and design accuracy. 

(2) Multi-baseline corridor setup 

With this improvement, designers don’t have to wade through the “pick and click” process when setting up a corridor model that has multiple baselines. With a single click, they can now set up these elements in one go. To facilitate this time-saving update, the UI has been significantly updated. 

(3) MMS file saving 

Any time a large DWG surface file is created in a Civil 3D project, an MMS file is also created. In previous versions, the MMS file was saved anytime the surface DWG file was opened and closed—even if no surface changes were made. This took additional time and processing power unnecessarily. With the update, MMS files are only saved when the surface is modified. This one change will significantly reduce Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) file processing time. 

(4) Esri ArcGIS® basemaps 

To help designers and engineers visualize terrain, streets, and structures, five Esri base maps have been added to the Civil 3D ribbon under the Geolocation tab. 

These include:

  • Open streets 
  • Esri streets 
  • High-resolution satellite and aerial imagery 
  • Light and dark grey monochrome maps 

Our BIM & Digital Integration Consultant, Stephen Conlon, takes you through the new updates and enhancements below!


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(1) Improved portal visualization and terrain removal capabilities 

Designers can now create tunnel portals, alongside having the ability to remove terrain layers with a single click instead of one at a time. 

(2) Elimination of cruciform joints 

The algorithm that rotates tapered tunnel rings to follow ground alignment and avoid the formation of cruciform joints has been greatly enhanced in this update. The 2025 version has seen a redesign in the algorithm to reduce risks, errors, and rework. 

(3) Improved collaborative workflow 

Everyone working in InfraWorks with elements designed in either Inventor or Revit will see the benefits of this change, with it focusing on how design elements are stored using file path names. Before, if a designer updated a bridge deck or girder, for example, that change was available only to the designer who made the change. InfraWorks 2025 now enables paths to be consistent and will be accessible for teams working with parametric content stored in Autodesk Docs. 

(4) Line girder tendon improvements 

Designers and engineers can now develop and work with tendons that are not already in the InfraWorks tendons library and can import them into ASBD (Autodesk Structural Bridge Design) for a refined girder analysis. 

(5) Changing with Revit bored rings now possible 

Instead of relying solely on bored rings created in Inventor, you can create them in Revit. This is beneficial as Revit-created rings become part of the library and can be manipulated in InfraWorks. During the documentation phase in Revit those rings originally authored in Revit remain editable, resulting in time being saved for minor edits at the end of the design workflow. 

Recap Pro

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(1) Enhanced Scan2Design Workflows 

Scan2Design workflows have been enhanced by adding additional feature extraction capabilities. Previously, extracting 3D features such as ADA ramps and driveway geometry from large point clouds has been a time-consuming exercise.   

With this enhancement, these linear features can be automatically extracted using a template to identify and extract these features automatically with an approximate accuracy of 95%. These extracted geometries can be imported into other tools, such as Civil 3D, InfraWorks, and Revit. 

You can now also import coloured scan data from Faro Focus premium scans in Recap Pro 2025! 


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What’s the difference between Civil 3D 2024 and Civil 3D 2025?

Civil 3D 2025 prioritises user experience and performance enhancements. The highlight is a substantial performance boost, offering faster processing times for tasks like regenerating corridors, editing pipe networks, and manipulating surfaces.

What’s the difference between InfraWorks 2024 and Infraworks 2025?

InfraWorks 2025 has seen significant enhancements when it comes to workflows for bridges and tunnels.

What’s the difference between Recap Pro 2024 and Recap Pro 2025?

In ReCap Pro 2025, Scan2Design workflows have been enhanced by adding additional feature extraction capabilities.

How do I access my Autodesk 2025 software?

If you have an active subscription, you can download the latest version from your Autodesk Account.

Do I need to retrain to use Civil 3D 2025, InfraWorks 2025, Recap Pro 2025, or any of the latest Autodesk 2025 software releases?

While it is not strictly necessary to undergo formal training, it can be highly beneficial, especially to quickly get up to speed with new features and maximize productivity. At Pentagon we provide the latest Autodesk software on all our training courses but we can also customise a course to your specific software version and project requirements. 

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