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AutoDesk’s New “Within Medical” Software for Creating 3D Printed Ortho Implants

Autodesk is releasing a new software package specifically for orthopedic implant designers to take advantage of 3D printing capabilities.

Within Medical provides multiple options to optimize the surface of implants, including porous random latticing and varying lattice density, as well as how the lattices interface with solid materials.

The software is based on technology created by Within Lab, a London, UK firm that was purchased about a year ago by Autodesk. It’s already been used to develop implants and around 600 people already have devices inside them made using Within Medical.porous-random-lattices

“Within Medical has contributed enormously to changing the way in which we design and manufacture implants. It is a tool with which both custom made and standardized implants can be designed and developed in a much more biological and intelligent way,” said Daniel Fiz, CEO of Novax DMA, in a statement. His company specializes in R&D and production of various medical technologies. “As both a surgeon and a designer, I believe this is the most important tool I have ever used, enabling us to make anatomic designs that would be impossible with other software.”



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