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AutoCAD 2023 is here!

Trusted by millions. Built on decades of innovation. Autodesk®️ AutoCAD®️ provides a best-in-class 2D and 3D design experience!

What's New in AutoCAD 2023?
Here are a few of our favourite new features and enhancements:
My Insights

Complete your projects faster with helpful tips and features from My Insights

Mark-up Import and Mark-up Assist

Import feedback from paper or PDFs and add changes automatically, without altering your existing drawing


Send a controlled copy of your drawing to teammates and colleagues to view or edit from anywhere


Automate counting of blocks or geometry with the COUNT command

Floating windows

Display drawing windows side by side or on multiple monitors, in the same instance of AutoCAD

AutoCAD any time, anywhere 

Create, edit and view CAD drawings with a browser using the AutoCAD web app or AutoCAD mobile app

Drawing History

Compare past and present versions of a drawing to see the evolution of your work

Push to Autodesk Docs

Push your CAD drawing sheets as PDFs directly to Autodesk Docs from AutoCAD

Blocks palette

View and access your blocks from AutoCAD quickly on your desktop or the AutoCAD web app

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