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Are All the Right People Acting on the Right Engineering Asset Information?

For the past 30 years, BlueCielo asset management solutions has provided organizations with the most effective solutions to unlock the power of their asset information to improve operational efficiency and profitability.

Extend the Value of Your Meridian Software

Increasingly we see our customers seeking better ways to include more of their internal and external stakeholders in the management and sharing of their information. We also see them needing to connect globally dispersed project teams to ensure everyone on the team can access and leverage the latest engineering asset information.
For these reasons, we recently launched a new initiative to support our customers’ need for greater stakeholder inclusion. We encourage them to extend the value of their Meridian investment by including a broader stakeholder access and in the long run, maximizing their ROI. 

Connect Your Teams with Meridian Explorer

With increased globalization, the size and breadth of an organization’s internal community that needs to access and review engineering information assets has significantly grown. The internal community now often includes staff from Maintenance, Operations, and Purchasing, as well as on-site contractors worldwide. Unfortunately, when such key team members in your organization cannot quickly find the most current version¬ of the information they need, ¬it wastes employee time, increases the risk of errors, and decreases productivity.
However, efficiencies are quickly improved with Meridian Explorer, which offers user-friendly search and retrieve capabilities and allows users to add comments to an asset at any time and from anywhere. This makes Meridian Explorer the product of choice for effective information-sharing when your own internal team is geographically dispersed.

The Efficient Security of Meridian360 Portal for Global Teams

We also find that organizations need to safely share asset information with external parties, such as contractors and suppliers. This is important because the community of external users frequently needs the current asset information just as much as the internal team does, but there are additional security and workflow requirements.
Meridian360 Portal provides significant benefits for global owner-operators and engineering contractors who need secure collaboration and document exchange with an extended project team. It provides a secure, cloud-based solution for managing capital, expansion, overhaul, and change projects, including brownfield and greenfield projects. Meridian360 Portal increases efficiency through time saved on document control, project management, review and validation of project deliverables, and by eliminating lead-times due to offline or paper-based communication processes.

Meridian Mobile Asset Information Management—In the Office and On the Go

For stakeholders that need to review and approve asset documents while in a meeting, out of the office, or on the road, the new Meridian Mobile app provides them access to their BlueCielo Meridian vault’s “My To-Do List” via their iOS, Android, or Windows phone or tablet. It enables users to take swift action on their workflow tasks while they are away from their desks, expediting project delivery.


This post was originally published By  on the BlueCielo Blog and is being reposted here.