3 Benefits of Automated Workflow for Assessments and Capital Planning

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There are few things more frustrating than investing in a software solution that should streamline your processes, only to find it instead forces you to change the way you do business. Accruent’s facility assessment and lifecycle management software, Kykloud, now provides the ability to set up automated workflows that work the way your business does. Kykloud’s Workflow Canvas feature simplifies the process of sending notifications, assigning work and generating reports. Users can simply design a flow chart of triggers to automate action items through the system.

Based on discussions and through working with users, Kykloud has uncovered the three things that customers ask for most when it comes to workflow automation.

1. Automation of Survey and Report Distribution

Typically, inspectors must be prepared with a checklist of items to be surveyed prior to the start of a project.  By using Kykloud’s Workflow Canvas, organizations can create a simple flow of events to help ensure that project members and inspectors have the information they need to complete their portion of a project.

Consider an inspector that is assigned to survey a specific site. Workflows can be put in place to automatically deliver the appropriate survey to the inspector on a given date. This inspector will then complete the assessment, return to the office and upload the data that has been collected for review. Once data quality is approved, reports may be generated and sent to a pre-determined distribution list.

Instead of manually approving and sending information, Kykloud’s Workflow Canvas automates processes, requiring fewer man-hours and lowering the potential for error. With Kykloud, getting data from collection to reporting is streamlined and simplified, allowing assessors to move on from individual surveys more quickly and effectively.

2. Automation of Auditing and Accuracy of Data

Before data is ready for reporting, there needs to be a process to review and scrub the information for errors. Kykloud’s QA function allows for the fast and effective approvals on any and all information collected in the field.

Continuing the example above, once the inspector completes his job on-site, there is still work to be done before reports can be generated. Workflows can be set to notify others that data is available for review. Once the notification is received, the assigned employee can go in and review the information collected via an Excel data pull. They can quickly review for discrepancies and upload any changes back into the system. If they find errors or are dissatisfied with the assessment, they are able to reject it and email the assessor to let them know what action is required. Once that corrective action has occurred, report generation is triggered and sent to a pre-determined user list.

3. Safety and Security

Through using the automated processes of Kykloud’s WorkFlow Canvas, emailing completed surveys, reports and capital plans has been made safer and more secure. Rather than send attachments, Kykloud will automate an email that provides a unique link to its users prompting them to log in to their Kykloud application to gain access to the data or report. Users can set up a workflow event that allows them to upload a survey, report or plan directly to an FTP site or Dropbox—without dealing with the hassle and potential risk of manually moving information themselves.

By eliminating the need to attach documents and requiring secure login, Kykloud’s automated workflows can reduce the opportunity for the distribution of malware.

Simplified Automation

By making it simple to design automated workflows, Kykloud ensures that it enhances rather than disrupts processes already in place within an organization. Automating survey distribution, data auditing and report access are just three ways to streamline facility condition assessments and reporting. Kykloud brings these efficiencies and many more in data collection, management, and reporting to your business.

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