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COBie Services

COBie Services

COBie is key for the client to receive as a deliverable and other stakeholders to feed in the necessary information derived from the model

COBie does not only apply to Buildings but Road, Rail and Infrastructure. There is a significant risk associated with the lack of understanding of COBie and the information that should be derived from the model at each stage.

Whether a client needs to review their COBie requirements, embedding, or supply chain understanding on how to create their products as library components with relevant COBie data, Pentagon BIM Consultants can aid the transition by:

  • Briefing clients, consultants, contractors and supply chain on COBie and what the impact is and how they need to get ready
  • Scoping of COBie Facilities Management (FM) integration requirements
  • Integration development of Facilities Management\Asset Information Management (FM\AIM) COBie when out-of-the-box solutions don’t exist

Too often BIM consultants only can deliver a small part of the process due to a lack of expertise. Pentagon is truly unique when it comes to BIM as we can provide BIM authoring technology, training, Common Data Environments (CDE’s) and BIM implementation & project services. We have a development team that writes integrations from BIM Authoring systems to CDE’s and into Facilities Management (FM) systems when we know out-of-the-box solutions in a software-agnostic environment is limited. 

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