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BIM Services

BIM Services

Pentagon Solutions supporting you and your digital project delivery.

  • Gap Analysis (where your journey begins)   

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An analysis of the current situation is a fundamental part of the planning process.  It tells you where you are now, you can then decide where you want to go.  Deciding how you get there is another thing altogether:  That’s down to strategy. 

  • Development of digital strategy 

Essential for communicating the benefits to your own organisation.  Without fully understanding the benefits to your own business you will struggle to communicate the benefits to senior management.  Ultimately you need to get your plan approved. Without approval, you have no budget, and without resources, you can forget about your plan. 

  • Alignment of Procurement, Capital Project and O&M Teams.  Assistance with the definition of requirements and standards, alignment with OIR, AIR and EIR documents.  

Fundamental when co-ordinating plans and activities across the life cycle of an asset to maximise value.  Every organisation has a variety of stakeholders with competing priorities.  Data needs to be treated as an asset and managed for lifecycle value.  Sort out the data needed to provide information to support decision making at different levels of your organisation.  

  • Development of company BIM Policy

A handy document which can be utilised for tender responses. Standardising responses and saving time. 

  • Compiling and documenting company BIM Standard Operating Procedures

A guide to how your company delivers a BIM project. A worthwhile investment, great for new members of staff and those new to your BIM project.  Don’t get caught out when your BIM resource decides to move on. 

  • Implementation assistance -development and delivery of tailored courses for specific job roles.

Juggling your daily responsibilities and trying to make time to implement changes can be challenging.  Just because you have created processes and methodology doesn’t mean everyone understands the process or the part they have to play.  Implementation needs to happen throughout your entire organisation and project teams.  Our team of experienced consultants are here to assist.  The development and delivery of tailored courses specific to job roles ensure your time and effort is not wasted.    

  • On-boarding of Contractors, Design Teams, and supply chains

In order to realise the benefits of implementation, the industry needs to execute the concepts.

Is your:

o Organisation ready?
o Your team ready?
o Project team ready
o Supply chain ready?

  •  BIM PQQ tender responses, development of BEP’s in response to EIR’s in line with the company’s capability.

Minimise risk by ensuring your tender teams fully understand requirements and what they are committing you to deliver. 

  • Reviewing BIM Tender responses

Cutting through the noise, is the response meeting your requirements, are there areas of concern? 

  • Project assistance

In our opinion the most efficient and cost-effective way to improve skills and project performance.

o   Engage with you to understand requirements/project needs

o   Set up your project environment

o   Development of bespoke workflows and scripts to improve productivity and efficiency

o   Train you and your teams on the processes 


  • Performing the role of Information Management

New to this role? Our experienced consultants can perform this role on your behalf or mentor you.  Our goal is to ensure you have the skills required.  

  • Quality review of models at Design Stage, during project progression and at Handover.

Validation, governance and control to identify and reduce risk. 

  • Data Population into Asset Information models

Development of time-saving methodologies and processes. 

  • BIM Modelling services and Creation of BIM Families

Stuck for time or additional resource?  Our team of experienced modellers could be your answer. 

  • BIM Authoring Software training standard or bespoke

Get up to speed or refresh your skills. 

  • Development of bespoke applications based on measurable benefits specific to your organisation

Turn your data into information, monitor performance, identify successes and opportunities for improvements.  Keep planning for the future. 

  • BIM & GIS Consultancy

Closing the data loop.  Connecting data sources, providing information to support decision making. 

  • On-going Support

Working in partnership with you.

The assistance you require not on the list?

Our services are by no means limited to the above.  Get in contact to discuss your requirements.  You’ll never know if you don’t ask!

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