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The Value of an Efficient Engineering Document Management System

The Value of an Efficient Engineering Document Management System

Discover how Meridian ticks all the boxes making it the ultimate, most efficient, Engineering Document Management System for Owner/Operators in Asset intensive industries.

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Engineering Information Management is about managing all your ASSET related information and documentation – Meridian on-premise or cloud does this with seamless integrations between EAM, CAFM, CMMS and GIS systems. 
Meridian provides a single source of truth, configurable workflows to streamline collaboration with all internal departments and ensures every document change is versioned.
Meridian Cloud is also SOC 2 Type II Certified ensuring your critical asset data is safe, accurate and available when needed. 

1. Direct Linkage to CMMS – e.g. Maximo, Ultimo, Infor, SAP PM

  • Meridian Enterprise provides the necessary control over documents, their revisions, workflow, and approval along with managing links to externally referenced documents.
  • When integrated with a maintenance management system, the two systems work together to provide a comprehensive solution that eliminates costly errors caused by working with incorrect or obsolete tag information or documents.


Asset Tagging For Documents

  •  Meridian links asset information obtained from a maintenance management system to documents shown in Meridian Enterprise. This provides convenient access to asset data to engineering users and other departments  

2. Linkages to GIS and ECM systems (Sharepoint)

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    • Integrate with 3rd party technologies such as GIS Mapping, BIM and ECM systems (e.g. Sharepoint) in order to optimise the control and management of your Digital Assets.
    • Easily connect Meridian with your geospatial data from GIS platforms (such as Esri, Google Maps, GE Smallworld) and integrate further with BIM technologies (such as BIM 360) to close the digital loop and gain direct access from your BIM model to real-time Asset Data within your Engineering Document Management System.

  • Enhance your teams’ efficiency by integrating your Engineering Document Management system with business applications like Microsoft Office, SharePoint and email to provide a single source of truth for all engineering information.

3. Viewing of Models

  • Meridian offers a comprehensive, CAD-software agnostic solution for engineering drawing management where users can easily store, manage, render and visualize both 2D and 3D content from any major CAD system.

4. Project workflows.

  • Encompassing engineering change management, release management, and handover management, Meridian empowers both new projects and renovations with its integration with Meridian Portal for easy collaboration with external contractors.
  • Fully managed concurrent engineering is supported across multiple projects for internal and external engineering teams, which allows for maximum visibility and increases efficiency. 
  • Meridian Cloud’s project-centric design enforces change control policies through a familiar workflow that enables concurrent engineering when you need it.

5. Folder structure

  • Document classification is an essential function for most organizations, as many aspects of businesses such as security and naming convention rely on it.
  • The ability for an organization to classify a document consistency and effectively produces better data quality and more efficient document location.
  • Meridian can assign to documents a primary location and multiple secondary locations within the classification tree—maintained based on document type, discipline and class.

6. Raising Issues

  • Identify and fix data inconsistencies before they become an issue.

7. Dashboards & Reporting

  • Dashboard for quick navigation.
  • Robust reporting capabilities.
  • Simple and intuitive web interface.

8. Document workflows, naming  & metadata

  • Provides document version control to prevent users from working on incorrect versions
  • Ensures users have access to complete up-to-date documentation related to work orders
  • Maintains the quality, accuracy and completeness of data and metadata in a unified system
  • Tie documents to asset tags to allow users to easily locate asset information.

9. Document/Review Log History reports

  • Maintain all changes to your vault data over time, including all revisions to your documents thereby providing a complete life cycle audit trail to help meet regulatory compliance standards.

10. Mark-ups, redline and comment tracking

  • Users can review and markup an engineering document or engineering drawing within the portal.
  • Online and offline reviews can be merged.
  • All actions within the system are tracked and logged with a timestamp providing a full audit trail.
  • All data  (structured and unstructured) is accumulated and available for use in detailed dashboards and reports for actionable insight.

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