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The SOLIDWORKS team attends this year's conference in Dallas!

SOLIDWORKS World 2019 did not disappoint and revealed new promising changes that will ensure it remains today's leading 3D CAD portfolio for product design. Featuring exciting customer case studies, epic designs and a supportive community of SOLIDWORKS users. 

A message from Gian Paolo is CEO of Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS resonated deeply with the team and set the tone for 2019, "Change is constant. Back in the early days of SOLIDWORKS, many experts dismissed the technology, saying it was a toy. It was impossible to put CAD on a desktop. Think of those statements today and it’s hard not to laugh. Change came in 1995, and technology has continued to evolve at an unprecedented pace. We all need to embrace this pace of change and, as a result, strive for new possibilities. No one wants to be a mid-90s expert in 2019 and beyond. We cannot remain stagnant. We cannot rely on the past. We will continue to build on the house that SOLIDWORKS and its users designed and built, but we must respond to expanding technological needs by bringing what made desktop CAD revolutionary 25 years ago into the decade to come."

We look forward to 3DEXPERIENCE World 2020!