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SOLIDWORKS Technical Sales Consultant for Engineering CAD Software

7/31/2019 12:00:00 AM

Pentagon Solutions Ltd would like to recruit a Field or an Office Based Sales Consultant to work within our existing Consulting team of Engineers. 
The Sales Consultant will sell Software, consultancy, training and support services to our Engineering, Aerospace & Manufacturing customer base. The individual will be required to have a relevant engineering \ design degree or at least two years of industry experience. 
The primary location for the role will be based in Pentagon’s Belfast office. However, the ideal candidate will be required to sell engineering solutions throughout the UK and Ireland.
It is essential that the chosen candidate is an excellent communicator and is experienced in dealing directly with customers and building a customer base. The successful applicant will also possess the ability to work to strict deadlines based on project deliverables and customer requirements.
Having an excellent understanding of the industry and working as part of the wider Pentagon team in a busy office environment is critical to the role.
Pentagon Solutions will provide any necessary industry standard training on applications and Sales and we are keen to recruit an individual who aspires to develop their knowledge and skills to a high level of professional expertise within the industry.
Specific Applications we are interested in are:
  • SolidWorks suite of Software
Salary: £25-30k