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Engineering Software Consultant

11/30/2021 12:00:00 AM

Pentagons Solutions Ltd are currently recruiting an “Engineering Software Consultant”

Pentagons Solutions Ltd are currently recruiting an “Engineering Software Consultant” that will join the larger Pentagon Solutions Technical Team and help serve our clients in the UK and Ireland. The role is full-time on a permanent basis with a 6-month probation period as standard and the work location is our Belfast office.

The role is ideal for any individual who enjoys being busy, working in a team and would like to make the transition from an Engineering background to a role within IT and Engineering software.
There are many opportunities to progress in this role depending on attitude and performance.

The primary tasks of the Successful Candidate:

• Consult, configure, implement and support a range of engineering technologies delivered to end-users by the team at Pentagon Solutions
• Work with clients to discuss, understand and agree on software requirements
• Produce Technical documentation based on customer requirements
• Attend Official training and self-develop relevant knowledge
• Provide onsite/remote consultancy work to clients throughout the UK and Ireland

The Successful Candidate should be:
• Motivated and enjoys problem-Solving
• Confident Communicator – with internal teams and clients
• Wants to grow their overall IT software knowledge.

The successful candidate should have the following essential Skills:
• An Engineering degree or engineering background with some IT awareness
• A STEM Graduate
• Experience Dealing with End Users

Desirable Skills but not required as training will be organised to address:
• Awareness and understanding of Cloud Hosted Solutions
• Understanding of databases
• Knowledge of Software in engineering practises

Engineering Software Consultant Salary:
£22,000 to £35,000 per annum (Negotiable depending on Experience)
Other items:
Computer hardware would be provided for business use.
Training and/or training materials will be provided.
The dress code is business casual dress at all times.
Pentagon Solutions awards 21 days of holidays to staff excluding the set Public and Company holidays. 
Office Hours are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm depending on lunch break duration. 
Pentagon staff currently work from home and office depending on employee preference and government directives.

General Requirements:
The general requirements for any role within Pentagon Solutions Ltd are listed below.

• General awareness of Computer Software
• Energetic and inventive with regards to work and directions
• Flexible with regards to working hours
• Enjoys challenges
• Commercially aware
• Good presentation skills
• Good appearance
• Good use of the English language and good communication skills
• Computer Literate
• Can work well within a team
• Does not require micromanagement
• No Criminal record
• Eligibility to work in the UK & Ireland
• Good Health – All health conditions should be disclosed to HR.